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VE9GC - Gordon

I was first licensed in 1979 as VE3LJL in Hamilton, Ontario.  I moved to New Brunswick in March of 1981 and was issued with VE1AVQ.  

When New Brunswick was assigned the VE9 prefix, I applied for and was granted VE9GC.

I am a former commercial radio operator with several years of shipboard experience and operated VE1AVQ/MM on numerous occasions.  I have fond memories of fine QSO's with my IC-735 running barefoot into the main ships long wire antenna.  A couple of hundred feet of wire some 50ft over the salt water sure worked well!

Like many hams, I have an eclectic mix of equipment. Some old, some newer but all well loved.  My base station is comprised of the following:

As of May 2016 the main station consists of an Icom IC-7600. An Ameritron AL572 amplifier is available for QRO sessions. Microphones are Heil PR781, Heil ICM, Heil Proset (x2) with an Icom SM-30 and SM-50 available as spare,. I also run a Icom IC-7000 mostly as a portable setup when I travel.

I have to admit I miss my old Viking Valiant II and NC-303 combo. The mercury vapour rectifiers in the Valiant had such a wonderful glow.

As retirement looms on the horizon, I decided to get a bit nostaglic. When I was first licensed, I had a set of Yaesu Twins, the FLDX400 & FRDX 400. I made a lot of contacts with that fine pair. One of my Elmers had a Drake C line station, which I admired, but couldn't afford at the the time. Well as my father once siad, I'm now longer on assets and shorter on responsibilty and decided to build myself a Drake station. Never having been one to just test the waters, I dove in. My collection now consists of two TR4C, a TR4CW, three RV4 (2 C versions), a T4XC, R4B, R4C, MS 4, MN4C, WH 4, MN2000. Moving to slightly more modern Drake , a TR7 with matching power supply, Aux board, 500, 1.8, and 6 khz filters, SP7, WH 7, MN2700, CS-7. Now to locate L4 and L75 at reasonable prices.

On VHF / UHF I  run an Icom 2820H, and an Icom IC-910H.

An Icom ID-51A an Icom IC-92AD, a Baofeng UV3+ and a Yaesu VX-8R round out the rig collection

I enjoy operating SSB, CW, FM, exploring the digital modes and D-Star. I have plans to setup a low power D-Star compatible UHF repeater.

Antennas at the moment are restricted to a 43 ft vertical and a couple of windoms covering 160- 6 meters and a K4KIO 6 band Hex beam is mounted on a pole at about 22 ft. It will be raised higher sometime in the fall time frame of 2016. There should be two or three towers up by then. I have an Alpha Jr portable vertical that goes with me when I travel.. For those who may be interested, the QTH is located at Grid Square FN76og (46 15 12 N 64 47 24 W) elevation is 82 metres (269ft.) above sea level. For current local area weather conditions from Environment Canada just click here To see the latest weather information here at the station just click here,




MobileThe mobile station now consists of an Icom 7100 with Little Tarheel II antenna (56in whip), an Icom 2820H and a APRS setup. There is a photo on which shows the back end of the current mobile when I was still running the Alpha Moto antenna. It worked quite well, but I missed 75 meters. I have left the photo of the old mobile antennas to show what can be mounted on an Audi 100 trunk deck.

Manuals, Manuals Manuals!

I have over 12GBs of various manuals. I can not post them all here as I don't have that much server storage space (remember this is not a commercial venture, it's all funded by me). If you are looking for a manual use the contact me link below and give me the details. I will search my collections and get back to you. Hopefully I will have a catalog page set up in the near future showing all the manuals I have. Only problem will be keeping it up to date as I keep obtaining more. Check the links below, I add manuals as I find them. I am not in the business of selling manuals. I can provide cerlox or spiral bound paper copies or CD /DVD copies for the cost of reproduction and postage. Have some that I don't? Want to share? Just let me know.


ICOM_ManualsHere you will find some Icom manuals. Some are fairly rare others very common. Feel free to browse and use. Please do not download for resale. I provide them for free and you should too.

Kenwood Manuals I have collected various Kenwood Manuals over the years. Feel free to browse and use. Please do not download for resale. I provide them for free and you should too.

Yaesu Manuals Check out my Yaesu manual collection. It is far from complete, but feel free to browse. Please do not download for resale. I provide them for free and you should too.

Misc Manuals - Amateur Radio, Computer related Some Drake, Collins, Heathkit, National, Swan, WRL, Butternut, Compaq. Feel free to browse and use. Please do not download for resale. I provide them for free and you should too.

Operating Modes Though primarily on voice, I still enjoy CW and have the capabilities of RTTY and other digital modes on HF.

VE9GEC / VE9JEC I originally obtained VE9GEC as a reminder to me of my father, who though was not a ham was always supportive of all my endeavours. I have that callsign plate on my summer car. I obtained VE9JEC in memory of my mother. I thought it was a unique way to keep them close by. Gone, but not forgotten, many thanks to both of you over the years.

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